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A is for autumn

Hi folks!

I'm kind of not_a_designer_nor_an_artist, but when the bell rang - I've realised that I'm in ugent need of postcard. Jumped in because of a cute cat (awwww), and first postcard class in my search results. But that's not the story..

So, back to my needs. I've came to point, that I need some bright, cheerful, but, contraversallly a reminder of fall. For now, it'll be the end of story (I'll tell you more, if I'll met my internal deadline), but my moodboard may reveal some clues.


I'wont be doing watercolor stuff, since I've decided to mainly use elements from the set.

Behold the Moodboard:



since i'm not using watercolors, I'll omit steps of sketching, painting, adjusting

HERE's some peeks of my dope design process in Illustrator



At that point I've found myself obsessed with One freaking Mushroom and Jack Lantern.

Well, we've stuck together, decided to use only one element from the set (since there's not to much autumn elements, and my illustrator skills are not far from andvanced copy+paste), and here's some kind of reluts i have.





And here some pretty different.

yep i know, it misses the general conception (and my mushroom friend is angry bout that), but, anyway, i'd like to share it with you, cause it's the best result I've reached.



I have no idea what I've been thinking about, when I've typed 'SPINWHEEL'. It looks more like flipped USSR star (or even pentagram - i dont know)


Well, now I get the main thing. The second 'spinwheel' branch could do the thing (i mean, be more creative, stylish), but I'm stopping right, here for a while (since my laptop starts to freeze and my deadlines a too close).

Thank you for great class, I've done it in no-time, with totally spent less than 5hr (including video);

It was really enjoyable and easy.


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