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Lesley Zellers

artist / designer / letterer



A is for Automobile

For this class, I chose the letter A and the word Automobile to go with it.

During brainstorming I came up with a pretty good list of words related to automobile. I had a hard time choosing to either go with elements from VW bus or the first automobile to incorporate into my letterform.


I ended up going with the first automobile and did some research to find visuals and key details I could bring into my letter.


I really liked the spokes on the wheels, the hood of the card, all the hard lines and that cool bench seat. During the warm up I started seeing different areas I could bring in some of those details.

Once I got to drawing thumbnails I was able to work through a couple of those ideas. For example, the spokes in the lower case a, or a wheel as a ball serif on a letter. Then I moved on to a capital A and tried making the top serif look similar to the roof of the car.


When it came time to sketch, I had a pretty good idea of how I wanted my letter to look so I roughed in some light pencil lines to give myself an base and then went back with a straight edge to fine tune the lines. After a lot of sketching, erasing and darkening I had my letter exactly how I wanted it.

I decided to add ink to my letter to give it a more polished, higher contrast look. Using a lighpad, (I have an artbox) I traced over my pencil sketch with a Faber-Castell Pitt pen on a new piece of paper. I just used copy paper.


And that's my finished letter! I can't wait to see what everyone else creates.


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