A hot day in the woods. | Skillshare Projects

Cesar Carino




A hot day in the woods.

I recently invited my good friend Vanessa out to shoot with me. She has amazing skin tone and always has these amazing in between facial expressions/ moments when moving from one pose to the next. Since we were surprisingly around many trees and the sun was out  I thought it was perfect for light experimentation(plus it's natural) . At the moment i have CaptureOne(trial), so i only dabbled with clarity and maybe raising/lowering exposure before moving on to the final edits. I have used Lightroom before but I am a bit more comfortable using Photoshop when making final edits for effects/tones.

1-2 (slight edit only clarity and exposure and a hint of saturation)

I postioned Vanessa in spots i felt would create a dramatic feel.



3-4 Final edits to convey a dramatic feel.




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