Abra Zobel

GIS Specialist, Web Manager



A government GIS specialist tries to become a creative cartographer

I'm trying to let my creative side seep into my job. I have a tendency to be rigid, and follow guidelines closely. I've always been a color inside the lines kind of girl. I'm hoping to mitigate that by challenging myself to explore outside of my normal functional zones. Beacuse ART is just as cool as SCIENCE!

I scored a 67% on the Breman vs. Abstract artists. I feel like that's a respectable score, but I suspect that it has more to do with my educational background in Behavioral Ecology than in my innate ability to recognize artistic intent. 

I have not settled on a final project topic yet. I've been thinking about working on a project that I'll have to do for an upcoming festival at work, but also considering something completely unrelated. Maybe a map of all the places I'm planning to take my sister during our 5 day gastro-tour of Austin. Maybe a sculptural representation of a place rather than a traditional medium. 

For my first assignment, I decided to draw two places that I lived many years ago completely from memory. The first map is of Utila, Bay Islands, Honduras. I lived there for two months in 2006 while working for an NGO performing coral reef surveys. This is what I remember:

The second map is of Gandoca, Limon, Costa Rica where I lived for 4 months in 2000 while working on a research project during undergrad. I was looking into nesting success of Leatherback Sea Turtles.



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