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A good night with the one you love

Hey, everybody!

First of all, I'm brazilian, 20 years old and I want to apologize if there is some (a lot of?? haha) english mistakes!

I choose as my theme "A good night with the loved one" because I'm in a long distance relantionship! It's approximately 445km (or 277miles), about 6h in a bus. So I really appreciate when we both can met and spent some time together and tought that will be a really cute theme.

I have some difficult to imagine a scene where I can add depth, imagine the layers when doing the image on illustrator. I didn't know exactly what will be good or not.



At first, was something like this. As the scene was at night, It was hard for me to find colors for the carachters. 

In the After Effects, I changed it a little bit. Cut off those strings (because don't make sense with the space between each letter), add two more trees to bring more depth in to the scene. My computer don't have a lot of memory, so I worked a lot of time at "Quarter" but After Effects were still having little "breaks".



(I exported this image and it came distorted, sorry :/ )


I did one, rendered, slept. Today (the other day), I changed the light direction, add one more light as Jake suggested if the scene was too dark, changed the color of the message and end up pretty well!




I really like the final result! I can't improve more because my PC can't handle it, but I can try at the University for experiments! Let me know what you think about it? Where I can improve it, if have any mistakes or if you just like it as me.

Jake Bartlett, you are a REALLY good teacher! Wish I had made this class before! Thank you so much!


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