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A good book is a good friend

UPDATE 11/23/13

Thanks for the feedback, Manolya, Melynda, and Pennie!  I took your suggestions and came up with the following. Like you said Pennie, I really enjoy the A being a page, too. I think next step is to combine my first attempt's calligraphy with Manolya's perspective suggestion.  I would like to make "a good friend" look like the book title, but I'm afraid the result would look unbalanced, so I'm not going there.

BONUS:  I used my iPad to make this graphic for my Pinterest board about cosmetics, and I uploaded a video of the process to YouTube.  Cool, right?  (The video, I mean.  I know the graphic is pretty average, LOL.)

But it looks good on Pinterest!

FROM 11/17/13:

I'm going to skip uploading my process because it's all variants of calligraphy script and sans-serif, or what we used to call balloon writing in grade school.  ^_^

"A good book is a good friend" isn't my favorite saying, but I'm working on book-related social media right now, and I could maybe use this on Facebook and Pinterest. I like it overall, but the "A good" part looks bad to me.  I also like the idea of incorporating a book, but I'm not a fan of all the white space. What do you think?


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