A glimpse at Valdivia,Chile


I'm Charlie, from Valdivia, a small city in the south of Chile. photography and cycling are two of my favourite hobbies.

The cover photo is not from the project, but more of a classic postcard look of my city, which I figured most people probably haven't heard of.

for my project photos I used both a mobile phone,a Nokia c7 and a DSLR, a Nikon D5000,plus some basic editing in Lightroom. I only got it a couple of weeks ago so I haven't explored all its features yet.

1.Night Photography


The entrance of the local university, the alameda, it was around 9pm and kinda freezing so there were not many people around but I spotted these two making their way out of the campus. I took this with my DSLR. steadying it on a pillar, using a long exposure, and I love the way the colours ended up looking. I took other shots, some where you can see them more clearly, closer, but I prefer the composition in this one,showing the two figures plus the campus entrance.

2.motion blur


I took this with a mobile phone.I took many of cars but while crossing the bridge I came across a few cyclists and thought they might make a more interesting subject.  I feel I got very lucky with this shot. I have a few others of still cyclists while the world around them moves but I liked this one best.

3. Street Portrait. 

I'm not really in the habit of taking pictures of people unless I actually know them so for me this one was the hardest one. I didn't know what to look for. so I walked around a lot, in a few different places,looking for inspiration.


I finally captured this. It's actually a cropped version of the full picture, which featured, the street, most of the buidling,the rest of the town square and a statue which I was using as reference and shootiing the people walking nearby. 

He and his friends (not pictured) were around, riding their bikes as I shot, doing tricks,etc, and I happened to capture the moment in which he was alone and looking vaguely in my direction.

I actually posted this to instagram,tagged it with the local hashtags and he found it and liked it.

4.Look up

This I found complicated mainly cause there isn't that many tall buildings around.


This one is fairly new. it is also in the university campus, build in the last few years, after the old one burned down so it is really the only modern-looking one. the other ones are older and far more functional in their designs. It was saturday, around 6 pm, on another very cold day where I discovered I need better gloves, and it was fairly empty. on the far left side you can see the trees for it is located right next to a big botanical garden where practically everyone I saw was headed. 

I walked around its many sides, trying to find a good angle, and I liked how this one got decent light and how all the open windows looked.

That's my project, based mostly around my own neighbourhood near the university plus a bit of the town square.

You can see much more of the city in my instagram account @charliedanvers


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