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A gift of encouragement - calligraphy style! (quote project)

I have been develping my calligraphy style and skills for several months now and decided I would try my hand at creating a special gift for a family member.  I chose a frame from a local store and then began working on the text.  I removed the backing from the frame and traced the circle insert onto the transparent paper to ensure that my text would fit. I really like working with the translucent paper.  Not only does it allow me to use a guide to ensure spacing and straight text but the ink seems to flow from the nib nicely onto this type of paper. Now to practice the spacing and layout.  As you can see, it took many tries to get it 'just right'. 

Once satisfied with the text I decided to back the translucent paper with a piece of colorful scrapbook paper.  I like how the paper grounds the text and adds design without distracting from the verse.    

The finished gift.  My sister loved it!

Thanks for checking out my project!



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