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A gazillion wedding photographers...which one??

Audience-Brides looking for wedding photography

Problem - brides are not aware that wedding photography is an easy entrance for the gazillion camera toting people that claim to be profesional photographers and are really only interested in a fast few hundred dollars.

* Brides are not honest when interviewing photographers...when asked what are they looking for wedding images they might say "nice pictures and the details since I really won't see everything" nonsence, they want what they have dreamed all their lives...the cinderella story and the night in shinning armour,

* Brides want to look amazing in their photographs, like they have never seen themselves before

* Brides want the photographs of the wedding and the details captured in a way that will have a jaw dropping effect on their family and friends when they show  their wedding album.

Solution-First  to let them know that I understand those concerns and issues because first of all I am a married women who had a wedding, I also have daughters that had weddings and, I am a photographer and the bottom line is that when the wedding is over one of the few tangible things that she is going to have is her album. That the latest cameras and gadget and being able to see the screen does not make you a wedding photographer. And ensuring that you look amazing takes knowing a little about finding the right angles, lighting  for your body type because you should remember how  amazing you looked on that day. Capturing and telling the story requires anticipating being at the right place,using what is available in creative ways to produce those storying telling images that are going to wow your friends and family.

Recommending that brides be honest on the value they put on their photography, come up with a comfortable budget and look at the style of imagery that they see themselves in before looking for the lowest priced photographers. You can always find someone to do it cheaper but, you will not get the better quality for the cheaper price.


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