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Enrique Betancourt Domínguez

Creativity takes courage -Matisse



A #foodie ‘s stamp

Very excited for the second course here! I was playing around with the idea of food, recently I have taken it upon myself to visit a lot of new coffeeshops and restaurants to try new things and see what other creatives are doing around. I love the concept of food blogging, although I don’t venture into the whole food critic deal. Anyhow I came up with the idea that I could create my own seal of approval sort of sticker, I have worked with groups that do such things and in doing so we let people know they can expect quality and friendly service at these places. So here is a very simplified design process




After finally deciding on the shape, I played around with colors that really reminded me of a almost empty coffee cup, and here is the one I am drawn to most




After making the project, I decided to use the idea for a business card of sorts for my own up and coming coffeeshop project. Here is an early design in this now ongoing process.



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