A first timer's fortune goldfish

A first timer's fortune goldfish - student project

Hi everyone! This is my first workshop (and first project) ever, so any critique is welcome! :)

I'm usually just a lurker, but Julia's teachings really inspired me to try my hands on pattern design. That being said I was a little nervous still, so I decided to just draw some goldfish, without thinking too much on how they would turn out. They relax me. :)

After cutting and assembling everything, this is how my pattern looks now:


A first timer's fortune goldfish - image 1 - student projectA first timer's fortune goldfish - image 2 - student project


(Even though I know absolutely nothing about Illustrator) I tried my best to transform my drawing into something I could work with digitally, and see how it would look like repeated.

As you can see there are a few mistakes here and there (bear with my Illustrator skills), but still... I'm so proud of my little guys! *_*


A first timer's fortune goldfish - image 3 - student project


For the final image, I decided to flip and tone down everything. The black was a little too strong for me.

I had so much fun with this class! Seeing my initial drawing repeat was very satisfying. Hopefully, I'll be able to grow more confident with creating more patterns in the future.

Thank you Julia for teaching this class, and thank "You" for checking out my first (hand-drawn) pattern! :)