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Hi everyone!

 I am currently in a Digital Media Production program, pursuing my B.F.A. I find that this program is making it even harder to find my niche, because it has us doing SO much stuff. Video, Typography, Audio Production, Web Design.... It kinda makes my head spin at times. However, one area I have gotten epic with is photo manipulation and retouching. I do a lot of roleplaying online, and in those communities, we make images we call avatars, that represent our characters. They tend to be fun and artistic, and lately I have really enjoyed making animated jpg files.. But outside of that, I have slowly but surely been working on making the transition from traditional illustration to digital, so I am going to include a few of those pieces as well. Enjoy!

((Update: It won't let me put the animated one at the top, and won't let me change it, so here is a link:))



A photo manipulation using various jpgs, layer styles and fonts.


A MLP original that I drew by hand and then digitized and painted in Adobe Photoshop.


A logo I created when I was trying to come up with a name to do art under. I still haven't fully settled.


..And finally a drawing of Ryuk, from what I call my "Happy Little Horrors" collection. It's where I take horrifying things and put them in idyllic scenes.


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