A few favorite reads

A few favorite reads - student project

Thank you Vladimir, for offering this course. I rather enjoyed the first habit considering this is one habit I love to do but have put put off for some time now. I just recently got back into reading again a few months ago.  The last couple years have been rather challenging mentally, so most of my current favorites have a strong focus on self analysis, responsibility and of course change.

My most current read is:

Who Says You Can't? You Do by Daniel Chidiac...this books focuses a lot on how to analyze your current situation, accepting responsibility for it and finding ways to change your circumstances.

Another great book and one I would love to read again is:

Get Off your "But" by Sean Stephenson...this book focuses on trying to gain control of our lives by eliminating all the excuses we make along the way.

Looking at some of the other projects on here, I am excited that I have other potential reads for my next reading collection.

-Erica Marroquin

Erica Marroquin

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