Juliana Oliveira Silva

Designer and illustrator



A feast for crows (part of the Game of thrones collection)

"A feast for crows" is the fourth book of the Game of Thrones collection, and it's a lot about the battle for power between different noble houses. Every one of those houses have a banner with a particular symbol, and they're richly described in the book. 

The story takes place in some sort of ficticious middle age world, so I was inspired by illuminated manuscripts dating between the 12th and 14th centuries.

And here's my first sketch:

I wanted to represent the complexity and the ammount of different people that want to conquer power over the kingdom. I used the symbols assigned for each house in the background of the letter M (which stands for the author's last name, George R.R Martin).

I'd really appreciate some feedback!


Here's how the book cover looks like:


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