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A family of 5 in Sunnyside

February 21 2014

I have been playing around with the living room shelves and there are a couple little areas that are starting to look good! Still need some work on the big picture though...

Here I am using a milk bottle with some Christmas lights (we are in dire need of lighting but in the mean time I am making do with whatever we have on hand!), a daruma doll which I picked up years ago when living in Japan and an IKEA frame which I filled with our ever-growing sea shell collection andput on it's side to give height. I have a slight obsession with driftwood and bring back pretty pieces from our beach trips. They get mounted and are great souvenirs :-)

February 17 2014

The picture I am using for the"8 principles of styling is the cover photo. It is from The Design Files Sydney Open House 2013.

NEEDS- A workspace

SHAPE - The pineapple really jumps out at me but the way the desk lamp gives height is also interesting

COLOR - Everywhere! :-) Walls, art, accessories... I like the white wall and the white mats on the artwork to give a bit of calm though

PATTERN - There is a chair which is cut out of the picture (kelly green with white stripes)

TEXTURE - The hanging installation

PLACEMENT - The way the art is placed on the walls, with grouping of 3 and 2 making up the global gallery wall

BLING - The neon yellow frame reallycaught my eye

BOTANICALS - The hanging thing looks very floral to me (and does not need to be watered!)

Master bedroom dresser

We got a dresser! It fits the master bedroom much better (needs and size wise) and I think it is gorgeous. I had seen it 2 weeks ago at this really great vintage shop 3 blocks away but was not really sure about it due to the base. I had initially thought that something with legs was the way to go. But it kept coming back to mind and was super reasonably priced so we went to pick it up yesterday! It is BIG (76" long) so there is a lot of styling potential here :-)

February 14 2014

Posting the before photos while trying not to feel too ashamed... But that is the goal of this exercise - improve on things which are lacking in the visual department!

We are a family of 5 (with a 6 year old, a 3 year old, a 1 year old and an addition coming in June!) who moved from Manhattan to Queens 2 months ago. In the process we tripled our living space and got a yard. And after emptying all the boxes, it is time to decorate!

Living room shelves

These are in desperate need of styling... The bottom 2 must remain extremely child friendly. We have been using the top shelf as a catch-all for random paperwork but it just gives a messy feel to the whole unit. Our entrance is the door just behind the shelves and since our "entrance table" is child accessible and over-run by winter gear, I am also thinking that the shelves could be used as an entrance console.

Grey couch

It faces the shelves and has been through quite a lot in the 3 years where we have had it... Thankfully the covers are washable! The children have pillow fights with our couch cushions so I have been reticent to get nice ones. The 2 Gotland sheep skins were a gift from a dear friend and are indestructible, super soft and all around amazing.

Yellow couch

We got this couch shortly after moving in and I love it. The leather is a bit beat up by the previous owner's cat but knowing what our children do to furniture that makes absolutely no difference! :-) It sits on the right of the grey one.

Dinning room cart

A small piece which holds board games in the closed portion and the top has the family pictures which our little one can touch and look at (large format and printed on cardboard to prolong lifespan). The small plant in front has been picked at to the roots and still grows back so its a keeper. Our coffee table stays bare so this is the closest we have.

Master Bed

I am thinking of using this duvet cover in the guest room and going with an all white bed look. But I might love color too much for that... The wall needs art but since this room is still very much in progress it is the one place where I have not hung anything yet.


A fill-in piece since the closets here are much smaller than the ones in our previous place. This will also eventually end up in the guest room when we get a larger piece. But that might be a while before it happens and in the meantime I would like to wake up to something a bit more welcoming!

Guest Bed

This is the room in our half-sunken basement which we are using as a guest bedroom. Since our family is in Europe they come often for prolonged stays so it is important that this be a welcoming place. I am painting the walls a dark blue (something I have always wanted to do but was too chicken to commit) and am thinking a "white + indigo + wood" theme for here...


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