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A drawing is...

30 October 2013

Call me a geek, but one of my favorite pastimes is sharpening pencils. For the past year I have been on the search for the ideal pencil pouch. Not fully satisfied with any design, I finally decided to use this opportunity to create an image that can be printed on canvas and sewn into a usable pouch.

So with pencils on my mind, I landed on this quote by artist Paul Klee:

"A drawing is simply a line going for a walk."

I like the images this quote conjures up and the idea that a pencil could be so animated that it could dance along to create a line looking as if it were going for a walk—and then lay at rest in a custom pencil pouch inspired by this quote.

W O R D   L I S T

After creating the word list, I was easily inspired and envisioned a simple line drawing to illustrate the quote.

Ah but I'm getting ahead of myself. Time to do some research...

M O O D   B O A R D S
In addition to being a painter, I really like Klee's line drawings. They are organic and appear to "wander" across the page.

I've also been favoring a handdrawn lettering book by Michael Perry and the line quality of illustrator Nate Williams:

Inspired by Nate's pillows, I knew that it would be possible to create a simple line drawing about a wandering line and have it printed on canvas:

Also, I've been admiring my friend Bryan Peterson's work and how he can create a very simple form with just a few lines. I also really like his earthtone color palette (above).

Time to start lettering. Stay tuned!


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