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A dirty little cheesy secret

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I've got two Words: CHEESE HANGOVER

If you're anything like me, you've spent most of your life chasing after a body that you'll never have. Me, for example, I have tried to eat less and exercise more. I've tried to exercise less and eat less. I've tried to just exercise more. I've tried being vegan. I've tried no oil. I've tried gluten free. I've tried morning smoothies and the truth is I never win. 

At some point, I "fall off the wagon" and end up in the fetal position because I haven't digested cheese in months and now the macaroni and cheese I "indulged" is wreaking havoc on my body.  So, I head to the gym in a guilt-induced mania to pay penance for my cheesy indiscretion. 

But that being said, ladies, you don't have to repent anymore. 

You don't have to do another juice cleanse. You don't have to sign up for another marathon.  You are allowed to eat. 

And I promise I'll show you how. So, put your name and email in the bar above or below this video and let's get the ball rolling. 



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