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Nora ElGazzar

Graphic Designer



A day in the life of Nora

Hi Everyone, 

i've started this project a while ago and then at around the 5th icon, i started working on sth else and never got back to finishing this project and in general i think this is something that i'm good at.. never finishing what i start! anyway i finally decided to finish this project once and for all. i'll still need to work on a few icons though but other than that all i need is your feedback.

another funny thing about this project is realising how boring your day is :D 

so here's how my day goes:

1- snooze till i drop

2- wake up panicking

3- get dressed while sleeping

4- quickly head to bathroom

5- call my mother

6- have breakfast

7- have my morning cigarette

8- head to work

9- get stuck at work

10- during my break, i have my favorite sandwich 

11- end of shift

12- go home

13- buy things from market

14- excercise

15- take shower

16- prep food

17- cook

18- watch tv

19- read for a while




i will be uploading a few sketchs and different variations of some icons.

your feedback is highly appreciated.

Thanks ;)


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