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A day in the life - Cristina Oliver


So, this project will be about creating 20 icons that represent different actions that I do during a normal day in my life. Wohooooo! :) 

The following 20 actions, are the ones that I'll try to recreate and design graphically. 

Hope it comes out great! 


So, here there are my very first sketches of every action that I described in Step 1! :D

Those are the very first thoughts. I'm also pretty keen on using some colours as I've seen in some other projects here that I really loved. Let's see.


Here is my first batch of icons. I spent quite a bit of time on them until I was pretty happy, so they are in a quite advanced state already.

I decided to use different colors, which I think gives more life to the designs. I'll try a pure black and white version as well.

Feedback appreciated!


Hey guys,

Just wanted to share this video I made with you. I really enjoyed doing this little project, so I pushed it a bit forward to create a 3D animation based on the icons I designed.

Also because I want to exepriment more and improve my 3D skills in c4d.

Hope you like it! Let me know your comments. Is just 1 minute long!

A Day in The Life video.


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