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Andrés B.

Designer & illustrator



A day in my life.

Hi! I'm Andy and this is a day in my life.

—List of daily routine

After making the initial list of steps and then narrowing them down, here are the final 20:

  1. Waking up

  2. Shower

  3. Clothes

  4. Morning coffee

  5. Check emails and news

  6. Breakfast

  7. To-do list

  8. Sketching

  9. Coding

  10. Grocery shopping

  11. Lunch

  12. Running errands by bike

  13. Designing on computer

  14. Afternoon run

  15. “Merienda” time

  16. Therapy

  17. Watching TV shows

  18. Getting ready for bed

  19. Reading in bed

  20. Sleeping.

—Initial sketches



Testing between Fill and Outline design styles.


—Final set

Final set with some minor changes.


Well, this is it. A day in my life. Hope you enjoy it!



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