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A day in my Life

Hello everyone! I'm new to this class and hope to catch up to everyone. :D

So let's get started on this project!

Unit 1: The list.

Since I'm a student, my days are very repetitive. This actually made the making of this list so much easier. 

A normal day for me would look like this:

1. Sleep

2. Wake up

3. Shower 

4. Play with my dog.

5. Check E-Mails

6. Breakfast

7. Take my meds

8. Take the Bus to School.

9. Manufacturing Class

10. Workshop Class

11. Lunch Break

12. Drawing Class

13. Hang out with friends

14. Homework  (While I wait for the bus)

15. Take the bus to go home

16. Dinner 

17. Play/WatchTV time

18. Walk my dog

19. Prepare the things I need for the next day

20. Sleep

And now we go to the second unit! I hope to update with some sketches soon! 


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