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A day in Jon's life


First sketches for first two referents (2/24/14)

I chose to first sketch 4) "style hair" and 17) "yo-yo". I felt that style-hair would work really well for a narrative style symbol and a yoyo would work well as an iconic style symbol. 

These were the preliminary sketches for style-hair. I felt that it would be important to include a comb in the symbol as the "action-item" since it's so easily recognizable. At first, I tried a bunch of ideas incorporating parted hair since I felt it would represent hair being shaped and styled.

However, I felt like there was too much going and I wanted to simplify things.

I felt like it was important to include a hand holding the comb for the symbol to be describing an action. I then simplified the hair further and played around with the idea of the hair in front of the comb being messy with the hair behind the comb being in place. I think I'm going to want to play around with fill and linework when I start illustrating it.

Next up, the yoyo. I chose an iconic style to sketch out the yoyo symbol because I felt it was much more recognizable that way. I didn't want to go with the cliche stick figure "walking the dog" and any other type of narrative, I felt wouldn't have been descriptive enough.

I chose to include the string in the sketches because it helped indicate that it was in fact a yoyo and because it also helped "fill" up the square shape of the symbol. This was something I thought about a lot for both the style-hair and yoyo symbol. I chose to put the string in the foreground in the final sketch (bottom) because with it in the background, it would have been very small, detail would have been lost and it wouldn't have functioned to create extra form. I realize that the string isn't looped around to depict the perspective correctly. Gonna have to fix that once I start illustrating!

More sketches (3/6/14)

Here's a bunch of sketches. 

  • working out - simple stick figure style doing some squats and overhead press. I will probably continue sketching thise one. I might try a quarter angle.
  • lunch (pizza) - I think I'm going to keep this one simple and just do an iconic illustration instead of something more elaborate like the food vendor.
  • getting dressed - not sure if the iconic idea describes the action as well as a narrative icon would. I have an idea in my head inspired by one of blexbolex's drawings that used white space to illustrate someone pulling a shirt off. I might try to do something similar but the inverse.
  • driving to work - My idea is to draw the front of the car for going to work and the back when leaving work.
  • breakfast/coffee - I like how this idea occupies space.
  • wake-up - I like this idea of using the sun to silhouette a bed/figure. Just unsure of how to translate this type of idea to going to bed. I want to keep similar actions unified.
  • new yoyo sketch - the string being out of perspective bothered me.


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