A couple of cuties

A couple of cuties - student project

This is my very first skill share project!

A couple of cuties - image 1 - student project

I really loved your class, Yasmina!  While the piece i produced was not complicated or hard, I did find find that you had a lot of helpful tips and tricks!

For instance, sketching out the bunny's proportions accurate to my reference photo first helped me realize what shapes were crucial to making sure the bunny looks like a bunny (tail, ears, nose), what shapes could be simplified (arms, legs, feet) , and which features I should exaggerate (ears, tail, head). 

A couple of cuties - image 2 - student project

I especially love ink and water color combined and I have already watched your whole ink + watercolor class so I figured I would work in the two of them together. I am a total perfectionist (not a good thing!) and varrying line widths are so interesting to me but totally mess with my OCD. It is something I am excited to practice more of. 

I used Higgins Black Magic ink (not that I would recommend it just because it was what i had) with a brush and my Windsor and Newton travel pallet. 

A couple of cuties - image 3 - student project

I normally do not play around with color much, but I loved your tip that if the subject of the drawing is recognizable without the natural colors that it is okay to play around and people will still be able to tell what it is.

Thank you for putting so much love into your classes! I have been stuck in an art block for far too long and you have given me a breath of inspiration!

Much Love!

-Katie Peters