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A cosy cuppa

Hi Mariya

I very much enjoyed this class! I really do love photography, but sometimes I need something to give me a good reason to get my camera out, a bit of motivation. This class gave me just that. I adore the effects of light in photography and will be exploring this much more now I have got started.

I don't have access to my new camera at the moment (its with my Husband who is in the USA) so i used my Sony A200 (my first dslr) and my Sony SAM 50mm 1.8 lens.

Photo with no lights:


Here is the image with tealights:


Here is the image with fairy lights:


And here is an image with both tealights and fairy lights:


I personally like the last one with both elements of light, I like the reflection on the mug. I would love to hear any thoughts :)

A final image with edits recommended by Mariya!



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