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Shankar Raman

UI/UX designer



A computer in my pocket

There is hardly anything that I use more than my iPhone on a daily basis. It is my watch, tells me the weather, keeps me entertained, keeps me connected to my friends and family, and even recognizes my fingerprint! Even though it can do a lot of things, I am mostly concerned with how I can use it to the best of my needs. It's been over a year since I own this device and it's my second iPhone so far. My iPhone 5S is not much unlike the 4 it replaced. It's a little longer and a bit thinner, but that's about it in terms of physical dimensions. However, those are not the only changes it brought. It has a fingerprint sensor, a much better camera and better connection port. 

It's amazing how good the photos taken with this device are, and it doesn't take too much of a time to snap a picture using the iPhone. I have captured lots of great memories thanks to it's simple and functional camera. 

Right now, I can see my fingerprints on the display showing signs of extended use. The back leather case which wraps it's back is aging nicely and has a soft, smooth feel to it. I also love the apple logo etched on the back, which is right where the apple logo is on the device itself. 

One might argue that technology has invaded our space and ruined our social lives, but my iPhone has made my life much simpler and is infact a great compaanion of mine. I hope it will continue to serve me well for the years to come.


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