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A breakfast joke.

1. Exploring Inspiration

Hi everyone!

So, I am not an artist or anything related to anything creative.  But I like to doodle and my notes are always full of things that aren't notes.  I am excited to explore my right-brain.

My favorite joke is both food related and x-rated.  Who doesn't love that?!

I may preface it with "A breakfast joke", the way I normally preface it in real life, but I haven't decided yet.

The poster for the kitchen will read "What's the difference between jam and jelly?"

Disclaimer:  The answer is quite inappropriate.  I may put it upside-down on the bottom of the poster (like how they put the answer of jokes on a popsicle stick), so that little kids can't read it.  Or I may just say "Inquire within"  or "Ask mgmt".  What do you guys think?




Here's my list of words.  It seems to span from types of fruits and ingredients, to kitchen supplies, to Americana vintage inspiration, to fancy afternoon tea themes.  I think I'm headed down the vintage fruit sticker/old recipe card look.  Maybe!  Probably will change once I actually get sketching.


Mood Board.

I have been looking at different vintage fruit crate logos, fruit stickers, and old recipe cards.  I also want to explore with jar labels shapes.  Maybe it will be like a big flat mason jar and the typography is all in the label.  The doilie (sp?) idea is cute if I go the tea time route.  I'm not sure I have found the correct type that my heart (and stomach) are looking for.  Please let me know if you have any suggestions!


2. Basics of Lettering

(Pre) Lettering Warm-up

I wasn't sure what word to choose, since 'difference' felt long, and both 'jam' and 'jelly' felt too short.  So I played around a little bit with both.  This was a lot harder than i thought it would be!  I usually easily doodle in my work notebooks, but I found it difficult to really think about the structure of the letters, probably because I have no real understanding about how letters should be related to each other.

I have some ideas about the words jam and jelly being contained in jars, or maybe smeared on some toast.  I think I am going to play around with "Difference" for the 6 different sketches since that is going to be such a focal word on the poster.


Lettering Warm-up 

I went with the word "difference".  While I love the dimension and cleanliness of the Dimensional style, I think I'm leaning towards the Fancy Serif style.  It's also sort of representational since I was inspired by the handles of silverware.  The 'I' is a butterknife smeared with jam (or jelly).  What do you guys think?

I have trouble with the placement of the diagonal line of 'N' - did I put it in the right place in relation to the rest of the letters?

(P.S. I ran out of room hence the weird spelling of some of the words, oh well!)

I like the Fancy Serif the best, so I've been playing around with different silverware handle styles to see which I like best.  I'm having a bit of trouble making sure they look silverware-ish...  Does anyone have any hints on how to make it look more 3-dimensional?  Not a drop shadow, but more of showing the different textures on the handle itself, using just one color.  Thanks for any input!


3. Sketching

Here are the thumbnails I've been working on.  I think i am liking having all the words within one big jar.  Let me know what you think!  And happy thanksgiving!!

I've started on the bigger sketches but it is feeling too messy for me.  I think I definitely need to make "What is the" smaller, and "Difference" bigger.  Any other suggestions?

I tried straightening out all the crooked-ness to see if it felt cleaner... I'm torn!  Which do you like better?  I definitely need to work on getting "Difference" more detailed.  I want to work in fruits somehow.

First stab at inking.... looks way too busy!  I'm going to rethink all the little flourishes.  I love the knife but I think it has to go.

Less busy version!  I want to try making "Difference" all in lower case... and want to add the jar label circle back in.  Any other suggestions are appreciated!  Thanks!


This was really fun - thank you so much Mary Kate!  I've never done anything like this and am very surprised!  Your class was super informative and inspirational.  I definitely will sign up for Part 2, so I can figure out how to make the black even more black, add color, etc.


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