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Lisa Rivas

Visual Artist - Instagram - @LisaRivas



A branding label for Lisa Rivas

Here are 3 samples where I have used the branding logo design to label my design plates.

I am very happy to have taken your class Jon, you gave wonderful direction and iniciative to help me get this done! I know that this is not exactly a set in stone label but would love to get your feedback!

Thank you so much.





Finally finished tweaking my signature and I am happy with it. Now I need to work on the label design, that I can attach to my design plates and illustration - pattern boards.


Now I'm working on stylizing my signature. Maybe make it a bit fun! What do you think?


Here I have created a moodboard of concepts. Reseached some packaging designs and typography layouts on their labels. I need to keep it very simple. I would like a clean and precious feel.


This is my current label for my website, I want something that I can put on my design plates and merchandise. So this is a beginning of emulating my signature.

I am known for my artwork so i feel that my name should be my brand.



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