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A bowtie for Takis

I decided to take the class just before we went on a trip, so I packed just a ball of yarn, the corresponding hook (No. 2.5) and a pair of scissors. On retrospect, I should have brought with me a thicker yarn and a bigger size hook, because although I am not a complete rookie at crocheting, I hadn' t touched it for 5-6 years, so thicker yarn would be easier to get the hang of it again. Anyway, I started watching the videos and crocheting in front of the fireplace of the house we stayed in:


I made a few tries, because at first I was exercising too much pressure to the yarn, and the loops were getting too tight! But. Finally, I ended up with a cute little bow, sized about 6 by 2 cm. Take a look at the pic to see how small it is!


The bow tie looks really fancy on Takis, don't you think?


This project was very very manageable and relatively quick, given the instructions were very clear and well organized. Thank you, Vivika!


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