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Aslı Aykaya




A bit pinky, a bit gloomy


When I want to be inspired I mostly go on and check designspiration which is a website that I discovered last year. most of these photos were taken from there, some comes from pinterest. 

I don't know why I chose these photos but I kinda liked them, and I think I like the combination of pink variations, a gloomy dark navy color and light greenish blueish greys. (I don't know if I describe the colors in a right way, but the picture itself says it for me anyway) 

This moodboard makes me feel happy and a bit gloomy at the same time. 

I'm feeling so lazy these days, that's why I wanted to put the "Life is too short to wait" picture, as a reminder to myself. And I wrote "give it a try" that refers I'm taking the first step to get away from this laziness with this moodboard. And yeah, I'm feeling very happy that I didn't quit, didn't delay and I finished it.

I thought it's gonna be easy at first place, however it took more time to do. It was really fun anyway. 

The course was great by the way. I was using Photoshop before this course, however I've learn lots of little but important things. Thank you Meg! :) 


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