A bicycle map for a city I used to live in

A bicycle map for a city I used to live in - student project


I started out by drawing a map of my tiny hometown from memory. It was an interesting visualization process and I definitely didn't put the bends in the street in the correct places and definitely forget where to put some of the streets. 

Then I went to Pinterest and looked up some inspiration. 

I love to bike so I decided to create a bike map for the city I used to live in. There are maps online that show where there are different types of bike paths, lanes, trails and paved shoulders. It was just an ugly map laid over top of a Google Map. I am using Adobe Illustrator to try and show where you can safely bike in a more beautiful way. Right now I am working on what kind of additional information to include. I have yellow stars for local bikeshops (in case someone is out biking and needs to get the tire-tube replaced). 

I think I will also put points of interest on the map, like places where someone might like to bike a stop for a visit. My greatest challenge is finding a way to make my map look unique and stylized without overburdening the map-reader with too much visual information. That will be my next step. 

Here is a part of the map:

A bicycle map for a city I used to live in - image 1 - student project

Robin McGill
Artist + Illustrator