A better me...

A better me... - student project


for the next 100 days I will start being a better  person by doing small things everyday.Apreciating the little things and smiling truely.

Have a good day!




I will write down a few usual stuff that this week made me smile:

Sunday: brought some shopping to the persons isolated( it´s pandemie)

Monday: made a tasty soup,mounted a support in the kitchen alone

Tuesday: happy in the pourring rain

Wendsday: shared some panecakes with kids

Thursday: having a good constructive conversation with someone

Friday: relaxing by drawing and painting

Saturday: buyed a gift

Sunday: taking care of my plants and in the same time listening good music( I just love the new song Toosie Slide by Drake).

Writting this down now on laptop I am enjoying a good coup of coffee!

Thank you!

Because I don´t want to bore you with this I will keep doing this project everyday but I will write down only stuff that can make you smile or even laugh.

My project for the second week is to do funny stuff.

Have a nice Sunday and an enjoyable week!




This is my second Sunday on this project:

I have done something that I find very funny for me and my friends.It is after my imagination. It always made me smile this week.It is a drawing on T shirt.

I am trying to do my best in drawing but alsome keeping up in the other stuff I am making so next week I will try to surprise you with something abstract in drawing.Thank you! Have a free imgination week for all!


on my third Sunday I sharewith you three abstract paintings Ihave made.

Use your imagination....

I had learned the toosie slide steps (Drake s song) and lost some weight.

Have a lovely day!


It is my 4th Sunday. I had done some hand made earrings( crocheted) and shown them to you. And more other stuff that everyone tries to improove each day.

All the best!


I wanted to share with u all something I have done.

Hope u like the drawing!(it is also my 5th week of project)

All the best!