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A better me 2.0

My Personality Type:

Upholder: Strong tendency
Questioner: Strong tendency
Rebel: Small tendency
Obliger: Extremely strong tendency

Why take this class?
I recently moved across the country and have found it extremely difficult to adjust to my new environment. Moving was a great opportunity for me, I had a great job lined up and a future ahead of me. But when I actually made the move noticed many bad habits forming and most of my good habits deteriorating. Before I moved I was happy, cheerful, and most important confident. I was around friends I grew up with and family that were there my whole life. In my new environment I had my wife, my job, and my work. I want to be the person I was before I made the move but in the same area!

What has been my most consistent habit in the past?
I am great with hard deadlines and people relying on me to get something done. I would say finishing projects on time.

Initial thoughts about some Keystone Habits: 

Exercise daily, whether it be walking up and down my block a few times or going to the gym. Just need to do something everyday. 

Waking up early - Every. Single. Day. at a set time. 

More to come soon...I just started the class today after all.


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