A beach a day in Maui

A beach a day in Maui - student project

Not all beaches are the same...especially if you're 5. Or 2!! But, South Maui has lots of them so depending on what kind of mood your'e in you can take your pick. 

  • I am making this map to keep. I want to always know Maui as well as I did when I was living there. I have already forgotten some stuff and I've only been gone for a year!
  • I am a legitimate person to create this map because I lived there half as a tourist and half as a local. I have a dual perspective.
  • Me! and my family. This will go into my memorabilia. If I ever get it done.
  • I think I will make my final project print because I will include some texture that can only be appreciated in hand.
  • I am not focusing on companies but beaches. Most of the level of detail I will include is regarding a beach from a parent's perspective. 
  • Dear class, I need your help/expertise/guidance on how to..... make this map appealing to someone who will be taking kids to South Maui soon. What kind of info do you need?

A beach a day in Maui - image 1 - student project

Okay, the above drawing is tooo big!! I need to focus on a more walkable route.

A beach a day in Maui - image 2 - student project

Well, the above one here is more focused but I need to get organized! What to leave in and what to leave out?!

A beach a day in Maui - image 3 - student project

Okay this last one is getting better and I have a legend now. I need some more detail and color. And..let's center that picture on the page so the focal point is on the beach.Better get to the art store tommorow. I have some ideas!