A Young Explorer!

A Young Explorer! - student project

The one on the top right of the drawing is the first sketch of what I imagined a young explorer would look like. It took less than 5 minutes. 

On my second try, I use questions such as; 
1) is she dedicated/ or passionate of doing her job? 
2) what is she doing?
3) why is she in this situation?
4) what will happen next?
and the result is that image where she is doing some kind of tradition to prove herself to the local tribe that she can be trusted. The reason to that is because she wants to do a research about them and explore the unfamiliar area. So she went to the water, left some of her explorer stuff like her bag at the village, and she also have tattoos given by people from the tribe.

The sketches are definitely not perfect but I had a fun time doing this project :D