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Stephanie Michelet

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A Year of Making

A Year of Making is a product of no longer wanting to be a product.  And of only doing things that truly excite me.  It's all the stuff people always ask me about, the stuff I love to talk about and the things that disrupt my sleep in a good way.

The focus is on making, because I know a lot of makers out there and they are all extremely authentic and ardent followers of their own paths.  I'm a maker too, but finally I'm not too shy to admit it.

Art first, money later.  This project is project-based.  The making leads the way, the child-like curiosity and absorbtion in new thoughts and ideas within monthly pre-determined themes is the best fun I've had in a long time.  So after I have fun, I'll see what comes to the surface as something to sell, because I do like earning money, I just don't want that to be what drives me anymore.

Lemonade stand business plan

My super simple business plan is to create an e-course explaining step-by-step how to make things.  First thing I will teach is how to brew kombucha.


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