A Year of Drawing

365 Day of Drawing

STEP 1: Pick your project

365 Drawing human figure. Yes, I just want to draw people.

STEP 2: Pick your MVD

Draw a draw (at last 10 min)

And see a tutorial ever day

STEP 3: When you will work?

I will work at night. And for me, if a draw 06 day a week longer I give me satisfied.

STEP 4: Keep Accountable!

I will show my drawings to my teacher ever week.

And I will reward myself when I complete a month of practice. (a paid course or a new drawing material)

STEP 5: Estabilish a Curriculum

In the first month I'm going to study drawing faces. That month started on January.

Here is the drawing I did on 07/03:


And here is the drawing that I did on 07/09:


A good progress, I think.

STEP 6: Why I will keep doing it unitl next year?

Because I really like drawing. And I want drawing. However I never learn how to draw because I always felt that I should learn my others methods and what they felt I had to draw.

I don't like to do life drawings. Or draw objects. But I forced myself to draw it because I thought it was the correct way to learn to draw.  And because of that, I never managed to maintain a continuous practice.

Now, I will keep this project cause I will draw what I want to draw using my on curriculum (which I will develop throughout the project).

Wish me luck.


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