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A Year In Provence

Hello everyone! 

In order to start my project I chose one of my favourite books - "A Year In Provence" by Peter Mayle, which is actually an autobiograhic novel. The letter I'm working on is "P" (for Peter).

My braistorming:

As you can see ( I am sorry for my scribble=)) I circled words "lavender", "food", "local market", "flowers", "cheese", "bread", "baguette", "croissant", "funny", "cafe", "lilac". Maybe because I associate them with Provence or France in general. Also the author tells a looot about their meals, delicacy and so on.

But finally I decided to concentrate on words "lavender", "baguette" and "croissant".

To be honest I am new to drawing. Anyway, I'll do my best.



My sketches=)

Now I should decide which concept (I mean sketch) I'll choose in order to develop it into something more beautiful, more finished, etc. Your feedback is welcome. Thank you!


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