A World in a Teacup

A World in a Teacup - student project

So happy to have found this class.

I am a multi passionate artist and designer. I design and make custom invitations, but I also love to paint with watercolors, draw, design products, teach.... I'm a complete mess!

I get a new idea every minute, but no energy to complete them all and I end up doing little to nothing. I've always been like that even with school subjects. So, how do I solve this?

I'm gonna try out this collection idea. I will choose a subject, like "Teacups" and start exploring it taking advantage of all my passions and skills.

Some ideas are:

- watercolor paintings (originals, prints, cards, stickers made from them)

-collage using my paper scraps from a previous card making phase I had (I can scan them and make cards, stick them to handmade books covers, frame them)





DEADLINE: 1 October


Meda Halmaciu
Artist and invitation designer @invitatiicouture