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A Wondrous Day

Hi! This class was super fun and easy to follow along. Definitely learned a few new Photoshop tricks, and am looking forward to applying them to some of my everyday designs! Thank you, Jamie, for an awesome class :)

I knew I wanted to add some decorative elements to my word, so I started out by painting a little floral watercolor. Supplies note: The colors look super bright from the photo filter I used on Instagram for this, but some of the paints really are almost that bright! I've been using these totally sweet Japanese watercolors that I ordered from Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/KISSHO-GANSAI-Japanese-Watercolor-Colors/dp/B00NKX9OQK THEY RULE!


I then took a photo of the florals, emailed it to myself, and brought it into Photoshop. Using the polygonal lasso tool, I selected the floral parts I wanted to use for this design, and separted them into a new layer by going to Layer ---> New Layer ---> Via Cut.



After fiddling with the type and arranging the floral elements how I wanted them, I made the floral elements solid like the type. I did this by locking the pixels of the layer they were on and then holding down Option -> Delete to fill with the color.




After following along with Jamie's instructions, I finally got the watercolor look I wanted. I then applied it to the floral elements, added a gradient overlay for my main color, and added some watercolor paper texture to the design for a final touch.




I hope you enjoy this class as much as I did! Let me know if you have any questions about my process :) Thanks so much again, Jamie... I'm psyched to take your other classes!



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