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Tiernan McAlister

Graphic Designer & Illustrator



A Wild Selfie Appeared

The Scene:

Two members of a rare primate species have stumbled upon a wonderous artifact, deep in the center of their natural habitat. What could this object be? Where is it from? And why is it here? One member is cautious and weary of the consequences such advanced technology could have on their way of living, and the other...... is not so cautious.

I began by sketching the scene to get a rough idea of composition, and what the various elements would look like in this illustration. (Apologies for the shady camera work, I hope you can make it out)

Sketch 1:

I felt the scene looked a bit flat - too head-on, so I decided to switch the angle & perspective. I also thought the mountains could surround the characters a bit more to encapsulate the scene.

Sketch 2:

Do not look at the badly drawn birds that are X'd out - they will hurt your eyes, the others are much more friendly.

I thought this was a better angle for composition purposes, and it allows us to think that the one in front is blissfully unaware of the disapprovement of their onlookers.

So I opened illustrator and started going through all the steps that Chris outlines in his tutorials. Unfortunately I don't have progress steps to post, it's just the following version.


I changed the look of the characters' faces and ditched the baseball cap - there was no real need for it. I added other elements, like chopped wooden blocks (possibly left there by whoever owns the phone). I changed the look of the trees and the birds, and added another hill in the background to give the piece more depth. Finally I added the shadows and ground & sky textures.

Any feedback you have on the work would be great. Good luck to everyone else taking the course, and thanks to Chris for a great class.


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