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A Week at the Teacher Center

The Teacher Center is a education resource center Jewish educators in the Cleveland area.  It is there that teachers can create materials for their classroom - bulletin boards, posters, learning center activities, etc.  The Teacher Center is like the proverbial candy store for educators - die cut machine, bookbinder, pawns, dice, etc., etc.

This infographic is going to portray a week-long (actually 4-days) glimpse of our users and what they've created.

Notetaking was done on a paper grid that included: visitor, what s/he did in the teacher center (process), what material was actually created (product) and in what subject area.

If I can create or find the graphics, the infographic will be created on a chalk/whiteboard divided into four quadrants, each quadrant representing one of the four areas listed above.   It might include a word cloud, a pie chart, and icons.

Watch for the images.  Thanks and I look forward to feedback.


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