A Wedding in the Woods

A Wedding in the Woods - student project

I'm a web designer who happens to be getting married this fall. I've been tinkering with designing our wedding invitations and website and in snooping around for ideas I've seen many lovely maps, and I thought I'd love to have something similar for us. I've also been giving some thought to adding wedding sites to my sales repetoire, so it would be a lovely skill to have!

I am absolutely not the 'expert' to create this map, other than the fact that we'll be using it to direct family to an area they are not familiar with. It will go to an audience of our family and friends, none of whom live in the area where our wedding is being held. 

I'd like my project to be formatted for both digital and print use, so that it could be incorporated into stationery and websites. 

Details should be rather simple and clear. I don't think it's necessary for it to be overly detailed, but the major locations need to be clearly labeled and marked. The map will be more decorative than practical - I fully expect that most people will use their GPS for directions - but I'd still like it to give an overall sense of the area. 

I will absolutely need your guidance to help with my utter lack of skill as an artist. I've never had much artistic skill - I can barely draw stick figures - but I'm a quick study for software applications and I'm sure that I can find ways around my lack of technical skill to build something beautiful. 

Kele Webner

design geek. social addict. information artist.