A Wedding Story

A Wedding Story - student project

My first attempt at a storyboard and I'm pretty proud of myself and am excited for how I can grow in this skill.  A friend who is getting his start in wedding photography/videography asked me to help him by making a storyboard for a short film he will shoot that revolves around the story of a family whose mother is remarrying after being unexpectedly widowed. This short film will tell her story, how her kids stayed up too late reminiscing and were almost late for the wedding, showcase the happy occasion with the couple driving off into the sunset, and then the grooms story. 

 I ran out of time so I didn't get as many details or clean it up as well as I would like before he needed it.  

I used pencil, printer paper, Micron pens, also touched up a tiny bit in Photoshop. Could have done a lot more clean up.. next time!! Looking forward to attempting another one and getting it more polished. Plus more professional detailing. 

A Wedding Story - image 1 - student projectA Wedding Story - image 2 - student project

This class was crucial in helping me to make a storyboard for the first time!