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A Webcomic Page-a-Day

Habit Personality Type

I had Moderate tendancies in Types 1 and 2, Strong Type 3 tendencies, but I had very strong Type 4 tendencies. Type 3 is Rebel, and Type 4 is Obliger... and as weird as it seems, these two "traits" make a lot of sense. I'm not very driven or disciplined, but I really internalize other people's reactions and dissappointment (or approval.) So it was cool to already see some rhyme and reason appearing!

Why I Signed Up

The reason I signed up is because I really want to create a webcomic. I've tried several times, but it always fizzles out a few pages in. I've tried different creative approaches, but I think the problem may not be a creative one, but rather one of discipline.

My Most Successful Habit

My most successful habitwas blogging. It's fallen by the wayside recently, but for several months, I was very consistent. The more consistent I was, the easier it was to just sit and write.

---Completed Habit Loop:---

The blog where I post.

Some notes from last time:

My results weren't so great from my first try. In retrospect, I think that I started with a very, very hard goal (2 pages a day). I think it's possible for me to get to that point eventually (based on my current speed) but I've decided to try the 21 Day Challenge again at only 1 page a day. If you want to start running, you don't just decide to do 5 miles on the first day, amiright?

What I did discover last time is that my rewards worked well IF I got myself to start a page. Getting myself to my desk was the real challenge. So in my Small Successes section I've included "Sitting at my desk" as a success, as well as simply thinking about drawing (plan). If I can just start, I can draw for hours. So this time around, I'm focusing on getting my rear to my rolling chair for starters.

Another plus is that I moved onto the next page, even if I wasn't happy with the previous one. That. Is. Huge. It's hard for me to ignore mistakes, but I'm definitely better about it.

All in all, I feel like I laid the groundwork for some better drawing habits :) Looking forward to starting round 2 when I get home this week!


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