Sarah Weeger

Graphic and Web Designer



A Web Designer/Developer's day with her hot Husband! Sarah Weeger

My list is basically a list of things old, senior citizen couples do - except this is how my husband and I live our lives together on a daily basis. :) We wake up together, drive to work together, come home and make cocktails and dinner, which we eat and drink in front of the tv during our favorite show(s), and then go to bed pretty early. Exciting stuff, I know.

The first version of my sketches was done completely in pencil and about half-way through, I wished I had used something that had a much thicker edge because I KNEW I was adding too much detail.... and ultimately over-thinking every image. But I kept going until I had all 20. Because that's what I do.

Not really happy with any of my sketches when I was ready to jump into Illustrator, I decided to try again. This time with a marker. Much better.


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