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A Watercolor Primer

I've recently become entranced by watercolors, and have been playing around with them constantly. While my pencil sketches and other art is at a level of competency I appreciate, I lack skill and knowledge in watercolor. Thus, taking this class! 

I found out about this class through Ana's youtube channel and (finally) signed up for Skillshare because of it. :) Looking forward to sharing my progress! 

Lesson 1: Transparencies


I started out with the page on the left, first doing the yellow and moving up the page. I mixed the olive from the other two colors - Grumbacher's yellow ochre and ultramarine blue. 


I was really intrigued by the excercise. After these dried I was a little disappointed in a few of them so I plan to do several more pages. 

The second page was done using Grumbacher's ivory black. 


I was trying to see how much control I could get over the transparencies, and I numbered the boxes through the flow. At 18 I started getting darker again. I need more work with midtones. 12,13,14 and 23/24 are in the wrong sequence and I think I went too light too quickly at the 11/12 mark. 


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