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A Warm Welcome to Illustrator (and Miami)

This is my first attempt at Illustrator and I couldn't be more excited. I decided to recreate a vintage travel poster with what seemed like basic shapes and colors. 

Here's the original illustration:

I've made my way through the Form Building videos and wanted to post my first rough draft. I definitely have to work on the selecting the correct colors and how to master the pen tool:

Clearly, I have a long way to go. 


I have a tendency of starting projects that I never get around to finishing. With that said, I couldn't be prouder to publish my first completed Skillshare project. I originally chose to recreate this image because it seemed like I only needed to assemble simple shapes. Apparently, there's more to the illustration than meets the eye. The entire process was trial-and-error. In order to make my final version look as close as possible to the original image, I had to teach myself some concepts like how to use transparency (multiply, darken, etc.) and the pathfinder. 

Thank you for putting together this series of tutorials. I no longer feel intimidated with what seemed like the most intimidating program on the CS Suite. Again, thank you :) 


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