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A Walk in the Woods by Bill Bryson

A Walk in the Woods by Bill Bryson

words to describe book:

hike, poles, boots, tent, lean-to, trail, white blaze (trail marker), thru-hike, Georgia to Maine, 2,500 miles, Mt. Katahdin, ice cream challenge, all you can eat buffet, section hike, friends, rain, cold, wet, Bryson, Stephen Katz, Appalacian Trail, the "AT", green tunnel, hundred mile wilderness, mountains, campgrounds...  (and I'll add more if needed)

I've decided to use the letter H for hiking. Here are intital sketches for three ideas to form the letter.

First is using the foot bridges found on trails as the H. Inspirational photos are added too.

Next is using a topographic map as is seen in most maps hikers use.

Within the lines the title and author will live as the typical elevation changes do.


I am going to experiment with the increases in height becoming the negative space and the valleys forming the letter.

Last is the look of two trees and possibly their roots as the H. 

It could be just the tree with the ground in view; sketches to follow.


Something like this but with the trunks being longer for the stems of the H and small branches as the crossbar.



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