A Valentine's Day Wedding Bouquet

I actually took this class for a specific project I had. My mother was getting married on Valentine's Day and I needed to make her wedding bouquet, a flower wand (for my niece) and a few boutonnieres with white and off-white and/or cream colored flowers and champagne ribbon. I used this class to help me pick the right flowers (though I was limited in my options) and to arrange them in a beautiful way. My mother wanted the base to be bound with ribbon, so mine is a bit different in that regard as well.

I live in Seattle, so I went to a flower market near Pike's Place. I picked a couple of large green mums as my focal flowers, greenish-white hydrangeas, greenish-white carnations for my medium flowers, a bunch of small white mum-type flowers (and a few that were still closed), baby's breath for filler and green fern foliage.


Here are the supplies I used to make these arrangements.


I also used a foam ball and wooden dowel to make the flower wand. No end result pic of that, but check out the work in progress photo below!


And here is the end result! I used the same general stacking technique shown in this class, but made the arrangement a bit tighter.



Here's my beautiful mom with her bouquet (a little beaten up by this point) and my adorable nephew with his boutonniere!


Thanks, Kaylee! 


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