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Gaz Aali

I get paper-cuts while opening bandaids.




If you read my script and leave a "like" or any kind of feedback, I'll read your script back and give you constructive feedback/ "like" as well! So here's everything:

LoglineA Pakistani-American college student struggling to lead his life under the cultural pressures of his tyrannical parents gathers the courage to go against all kinds of norms and dares to follow his passion to give meaning to his hollow life.

Notes: So, guys, this is my final draft. I couldn't think of how to portray the resolution well enough, so I've just implied that it happened in what I hope is a cathartic way. I've also incorporated many othe suggestions given to me. Hope you guys like it, and good luck to you all!

Final draft: http://www.viewdocsonline.com/document/gs4cm5

Note: HELP! I am stuck on how to make the resolution beween parents and Ali more realistic without taking too much space as I'm already on 10 pages. Right now, it's too sudden and not cathartic enough. So any suggestions are welcome for my 3rd draft!

Second draft: http://docdroid.net/f53k

Notes: I have made some major scene structuring changes to add more suspense. Also, I've tried to streamline a lot of the action scenes and dialogues.

First drafthttp://docdroid.net/drha

I have chosen George Gray from Spoon River Anthology as it really resonated with me. I wanted to explore the aspect of giving meaning to one's life. However, there are realities to be addressed. Should one do as told to please those closest to them? Or should one be fair to themselves and acknowledge their wants and desires which may mean not doing as told and displeasing those closest to oneself? What would you do if placed in such a situation? That is exactly the dilemma and story of Pakistani-American college student, Ali. 

Here's the poem:

I won't bore you all with long rants about my screenplay. Go ahead and read it for yourself! This is my first screenplay ever, so any kind of feedback or a "like" is always appreciated! Plus, I'll give you constructive feedback/ "like" if your read my script!


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